Technical Solution

MIS is currently a partner of Badcock Power in Vietnam. At Badcock Power, the engineering team is comprised of people with experience and high reputation in their specialized fields, including industries such as coal, gas, thermal power, biomass and solar. MIS has a deep understanding of the services of cement industry, thermal power in the domestic market, and the combination with Badcock Power will bring to our partners more flexible and effective technical solutions. next time.

Based on the strengths of a specific group of companies in parent organization Babcock Power Inc., including:

– Manufacturer of boiler Riley Power Inc.,

– American boiler tube company, TEiC Construction Services Inc.

– TEiC Heat Exchanger Services.

Babcock Power Services (BPS) is an expert in combining a highly efficient team to create a unique source technology, equipment and technical service solution for any system upgrade or maintenance project. slightly.

Working together, we guarantee a total, comprehensive solution, with a package contract that will bring maximum efficiency to our customers.