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Refractory Castables

Burwitz Refractory Castables Company produces refractory castables in our factory located in Hai Duong City. Our products are made on automated production lines imported from Germany. Our team of experts has excellent knowledge of refractory materials and is ready to respond to the needs of international and national customers.

  • Plastic Refractories
  • Conventional Castable Refractories
  • Low and Ultra Low Cement Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes
  • Cement Free Castable Refractories
  • Rapid Heat-Up Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes
  • Chemical Bond Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes
  • Abrasion Resistant Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes
  • Insulating Castable Refractories
  • Shotcrete Refractories
  • Free Flow Castable Refractories
  • Dense Gun Mixes
  • Insulating Gun Mixes
  • Refractory Mortar


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We cooperate with Refratecnik to supply all kind of bricks

Many important production areas in the cement, lime, and pulp & paper industries require optimized refractory technology. For this, we supply concepts and solutions that are matched perfectly to the individual needs and situations of our customers. Hereby, we are backed by our comprehensive range of refractory products.


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Insulation materials

Burwitz Vietnam can supply many kinds of insulation materials to suit temperatures of up to 1430oC, with varying proportions and thickness. Products include: ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber papers, ceramic fiber modules, calcium silicate boards, ropes and gaskets.


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